When To Add Bleach

Stains are the number one reason why we mainly add bleach to our clothes, especially the whites. This is because bleach contains Hypochloric acid, which acts as a very strong oxidizer. It works by oxidizing dye agents in the stains so that they become colorless. Therefore adding bleach to colored clothes and darks are definitely a big no-no.

Adding in the bleach at a later time helps the detergent to work better. Especially for a typical load of whites, like soiled undershirts, socks, dress shirts, tablecloths, sheets and any colored items that are bleach safe. Waiting to add bleach allows time for enzymes in the detergent to break up enzyme-sensitive stains and for the whitening agents in the detergent to deposit onto the fabric. Believe it or not, detergents have whitening agents especially those that are designed for whites. They are colorless dyes that absorb non-visible light and reflect it in the visible spectrum.

Just to let you know, not every load you wash will contain only lightly soiled items. There are so many laundry situations you can not escape from and in dire cases a bleach soak will be necessary.

Listed here are the best times to do a bleach soak:

  • Work clothes that are extremely dirty
  • Dirt stains
  • White items that have been accidentally dyed
  • Ink stains

The best solution for a pre-soak would be using the recommended ratio. This would be ¼ cup of bleach per gallon of water. You must then soak your items fully for a good five minutes and then drain. Wash immediately with detergent and ¾ cup of bleach in the hottest water recommended based on the care label.

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