How To Get Laundry Done Faster

How To Get Laundry Done Faster Fresher Towels Keep your bath towels fluffy and absorbent, you can substitute your fabric conditioner and use a cupful of white vinegar into the wash instead. It also gets rid of musty smells not only on towels but on other fabrics as well. Color-coded baskets A mountain of laundry […]

Don’t Forget Your Washing Machine Settings

Doing your  laundry is actually one of those easy chores. At the click of a button, you just wait, sort, treat, and fold. Your  washing machine does most of the heavy lifting. However, take note not to do some shortcuts! These mistakes with your washer can waste time and energy, compromise cleaning, and damage your […]

Steps To Tying A Neck Tie

Steps To Tying A Neck Tie If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck? – Linda Ellerbee Neck tie was born as a piece of material worn by roman emperors around the neck for reasons […]

What is Overcrowding?

Let’s learn to determine the right size for a laundry load and tips on starting the washing machine. Overcrowding is never a good idea. This results in your clothing not coming out clean. There needs to be a certain amount of room in the washer for your clothes to move around. With them moving against […]

Easy Water Saving During Water Shortage

Easy Water Saving During Water Shortage Global warming and rising sea levels, yet a water shortage. As the earth heats up and the ice caps melt, the sea levels start to rise. This results in hose-pipe bans and a situation of “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”! After every long winter, the warm and […]

Wash Them Good

Wash Them Good Hygiene and personal care are the two utmost essential things to focus on for a healthy lifestyle. Being clean means that you look over your stuff and check if they are dust and dirt free from time to time. The things that need the most hygienic care are underwear and undergarments. Underwear and […]

Blood Stain Removal

Blood Stain Removal Here’s the short lesson on blood stain removal: act fast. Carpets today usually come with stain-resistant treatments, so even blood can be removed if you get it right away. The longer the delay, the more difficult removing any carpet stain becomes, and there are no stain-proof carpets yet. With blood, the process […]

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning Made Easy Finding time for cleaning in a fast-paced environment has become more of a chore than ever. Most women, if not all with hectic schedules can attest that convenience and effectiveness are key when dealing with the overabundance of stains, smudges, dirt and grime encountered daily. While cleaning is never a preferred activity, there […]

Laundry tips from the clothing doctor

Laundry tips for cleaner clothes, lower costs, and fewer headaches. Laundry tips is the average american household does one load of laundry per day; that’s a lot of time in the laundry room. Many people take pride in the appearance of their families’ wardrobe, but all that time in the laundry room might be a […]