Cutting Costs with Cold Water

Did you know that washing with hot water clearly doesn’t save you money? If you’re constantly doing this, now is the time to stop if you want to start spending on the right things. This article was originally written by Trent Hamm for If you wash on hot and rinse on warm, you’re going […]

How The Pros Do Laundry

Many people have hired help to assist them with daily chores like laundry, many don’t have this privilege. These are usually the ones who are faced with mountains of laundry after a week or two either because they don’t have the energy to get down to doing it or they simply don’t know how to […]

How To Get Laundry Done Faster

How To Get Laundry Done Faster Fresher Towels Keep your bath towels fluffy and absorbent, you can substitute your fabric conditioner and use a cupful of white vinegar into the wash instead. It also gets rid of musty smells not only on towels but on other fabrics as well. Color-coded baskets A mountain of laundry […]

How To Boost Detergent Power

If you want your laundry to come out cleaner and fresher, the secret just might be to cut down on detergent. The wrong kind of laundry soap or even using too much can make your clothes dull. Try adding in an eco-friendly household substance! This can boost your detergent’s cleaning power without affecting the environment. […]

The Importance of Carpet Dry Cleaning

The Importance of Carpet Dry Cleaning Even though a lot of carpet maintenance might seem like a lot of extra work, you’ll definitely find that it is worth it when you get several more years out of the carpets in the home. Additionally, proper carpet care will keep your home looking beautiful as long as […]

What is Overcrowding?

Let’s learn to determine the right size for a laundry load and tips on starting the washing machine. Overcrowding is never a good idea. This results in your clothing not coming out clean. There needs to be a certain amount of room in the washer for your clothes to move around. With them moving against […]

You’ve Been Doing Your Laundry Wrong

The laundry industry has turned cleaning clothes into a complicated process and waste of money and time. All we want is to get the clothes-washing job fast and done. Turns out you don’t need to buy half the stuff you use on your clothes. Today, we’re gonna learn things about doing your laundry the smart […]

When You Use Too Much Soap

A lot of people get shocked every now and then when we clarify that the issue with their washing machine is brought about by putting in an excessive amount of laundry detergent.Countless washer problems have stemmed from inappropriate utilization of the laundry detergent. To completely comprehend this idea, you first need to understand why too […]

Is Your Laundry Room Costing You Money?

Is Your Laundry Room Costing You Money? The price of energy is going up all the time, and you’re probably looking for ways to save on your house bills. As it turns out, your least favorite room may be one of your biggest energy hogs. I’m talking about the laundry room. Now, you can save all […]

What washing machine?

What washing machine? Half an hour later and still standing in front of rows of gleaming washing machines. You wonder which one is the best buy for you. The salesman can smell the desperation and you know he is going to try and sell you an expensive one. How can you avoid this situation? I have put […]