Laundry Tips for People with Allergies

Laundry is an easy task involving two steps-washing and drying. However it may become complicated if you’re an individual who suffers from allergies. The good news is that almost all these allergies can be avoided with a little bit of know-how, some of which are mentioned below:

Clean your laundry equipment and space

Your washing machine can be home to a large number of bacteria and microbes that may lead to irritation or severe allergic reaction. To prevent this, make sure to keep your washer, dryer, and laundry space clean and neat.

Select laundry product carefully to reduce allergies

Choosing the right detergent and washing powder for your laundry is imperative because chemicals found in these products may be the reason for your allergies. Some chemicals might have an adverse reaction on your skin causing irritation and rashes. To prevent this, buy hypoallergenic detergent; that is without dye or additional fragrance.

Machine dry over air dry

Placing your laundry outside to air drying clothes can attract bacteria, pollen or other allergens that might get attached to the fabric of your garments and cause irritation. In such case, opting to machine drying your clothes is a safer choice.

Use the hottest settings possible

When washing your laundry, it is advisable to use hot water to kill any allergens that might have settled into the fabric of your clothes. Also give it an extra rinse if needed, to make sure there isn’t any detergent residue left on your clothes that might otherwise trigger allergic reactions.

Living with allergies wears you down, but by implementing these solutions you will see a very real change in the way your body feels when you’re at home. Want to skip this inconvenience altogether? What about a professional laundry service? Let Willette’s Home Laundry do the job for you! Our service counter for pick up and drop off are 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM 7 days a week. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you!

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