How To Clean A Washing Machine

Laundry room with washing machine

To clean your washing machine you’ll basically run it on empty on a hot wash, adding one of the above-mentioned ingredients.

Bleach works well to sanitize as well as removing stain-causing rust.

A cup of vinegar (mixed 3:1 with water) or a cup or two of pure lemon/lime juice will work to sanitise the washing machine tub and eradicate any mouldy smells.

De-scaler or soda crystals will remove limescale residue; but be careful with how much you use, as soda is mildly corrosive and may attack the heating element.

Unhappy housewife sitting with socks near the washing machine with colorful clothes on the floor at home

Things to consider when cleaning a washing machine

Careful: Mixing bleach with vinegar and/or lemon juice will emit highly toxic fumes!

An empty front loader may refuse to fill on empty, so just chuck a couple of old towels in along with the vinegar or whatever your chosen cleaner is.

It’s a good time to check the general working order of your machine. For example, don’t let your washing machine bounce around until it breaks – make sure it’s level. Have a look at the hoses and connections; are they cracked or blistered? Are any of the fittings corroded? Attending to these details earlier will save hassle and headache later.

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