How Much Should Be in Your Laundry?

Most people just dump in what they can in a washing machine after sorting their clothes. This shouldn’t be the case if you want your laundry washed the best way. Also, loading too much clothes in one go can shorten your washing machine’s lifespan. Below are some tips that may give you some idea as to how much you should put in.

So how much clothes should you put in per load?

It’s really hard to tell a specific number because of the various sizes of clothes and how much space they take up in your machine. On average a “large” load weighs between 6-8 pounds. This is best suited for washing machines with large tubs. Avoid cramming the washer to the point that your laundry doesn’t spin around anymore. You can prevent this by lifting the lid mid wash during the wash cycle and checking to see if your clothes still move around the tub and seeing what’s on top. If you see the same clothes, that may mean that there may be too much clothes packed in.

How much detergent per load then?

Much detergent does not mean that your clothes are cleaner. How much you put in should be based on how dirty and the size of your laundry. For large loads, use more than usual. For smaller loads with not much dirt, use the lowest recommended scoop. A large foam size means that you put in too much detergent.

How much softener too?

If It looks like your washer has a liquid softener dispenser, add your softener there. The cap for the softener product should also have lines to help you measure the correct amount. The amount of softener used should be adjusted based on how much you put in. Take note that towels don’t really need a fabric softener because they become less absorbent if softeners are added to them. There are also some clothes that have labels not to use softeners on them.

I need to use bleach, how much should I add in?

For a large load with an average soil level, it is recommended you add half a cup. Add your bleach to the dispenser if your washer has one to prevent an uneven distribution of bleach on your clothes. If you want to pour it in yourself, dilute the bleach with a quart of water and add it only five minutes after your load has started washing. A second rinse option is recommended when you add in bleach to your clothes to make sure that the bleach has been completely rinsed out and that bleach smell isn’t bothersome

It’s difficult to get too specific since laundry varies from person to person and the machine being used. But if you want no hassles, then let us do it for you! Let our friendly staff take care of your dry cleaning and shirt laundry here at Willette’s Home Laundry!

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