Got A Stuck Washer Door?

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A stuck washer door is often a problem most commonly found in front loaders. Since top loaders don’t need to lock their doors to keep the water inside. Front loading washing machines, however, need to stay tightly locked and sealed during operation, unless liters of (potentially very hot) water spill out across your laundry like a flood.  It is not until the end of the wash cycle when all the water has drained that the machine will unlock automatically. Sometimes a front loader will malfunction and remain locked even after the cycle has ended.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • The locking mechanism could have jammed (maybe some clothes have gotten in the way);
  • There could be a glitch in the washer’s digital cycle;
  • The washing machine may not be draining properly, leaving the drum still filled with water, meaning the door CAN’T unlock safely.




As there are several potential causes, there are also several possible solutions:

  • Restart it – If you think it might be a digital problem, use the old IT trick of “Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?“.  With a little luck, the reset should shake loose whatever complication confused the poor computer running the wash programs.
  • Run a short cycle – If you think the problem is your clothes physically jamming the lock, you can set the washer to run another short cycle.  This should get the clothes moving and hopefully unjam the lock.  Sure, your clothes will get washed twice, but if you’re not washing delicates or running a hot cycle, it’s relatively unlikely you’ll do much damage to the clothes.
  • Check the drainage hose – If it looks like the machine isn’t draining, it may be time to inspect the drainage hose for clogs.
  • Check the locking mechanism – Sometimes it is also possible to manually manipulate the door’s locking mechanism, provided you’re able to access it.  However, as this requires disconnecting the machine from power (you do NOT want to be electrocuted) before opening up the top of the washer or tipping it up on its side to access the innards from underneath, it would be best if only a qualified repairer tries this.
  • Contact the manufacturer – If all else fails, contact the manufacturer – they can provide you with advice, and if your machine is under warranty, arrange for a professional repairer to drop by for a visit.

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