Flushing Season Brings Rust and Iron Stains

Flushing Season Brings Rust and Iron Stains

Flushing Season Brings Rust and Iron StainsFlushing season brings rust and iron stains It may not be a season that’s celebrated, but it still comes around every spring and fall.

It’s flushing season: The time of year when cities and towns flush out the water mains to help remove sediment that has settled in pipes. You know flushing season is here when you see city crews opening fire hydrants around town.

The problem with flushing season is that some of the minerals and sediment being flushed get into your home water system. While not dangerous, this can lead to some ugly, rusty and iron stains in sinks and toilet bowls and especially on your laundry.

The problem then becomes finding a cleaner that will safely get rid of the stains. After all, flushing season will be back again next year.

Ordinary household cleaners are not very effective against rust and irFlushing Season Brings Rust and Iron Stainson stains in sinks, basins and toilet bowls. The popular oxy-based laundry additives are not good at getting the orange-colored spots and stains out of clothes. Bleach tends to lighten the stain but set what is not removed.

The most effective products are made specifically for rust and mineral stains using reducing agents, not bleaches or acids. Super Iron Out is a specially formulated reducing agent. You can find it at most mass merchandisers, grocery stores and home improvement stores.

RFlushing Season Brings Rust and Iron Stainseducing agents work by changing the chemistry of iron and rust.

This is done by breaking it down into a clear solution that can simply be rinsed away. You can also safely add them to water softeners, dishwashers and washing machines. They will fight the rust and help prevent further stains.
Super Iron Out is equally as effective at combating iron and rust stains on laundry. Used as an additive along with laundry detergent, it safely eliminates rusty stains on all washable fabrics.


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