You’ve Been Doing Your Laundry Wrong

The laundry industry has turned cleaning clothes into a complicated process and waste of money and time. All we want is to get the clothes-washing job fast and done. Turns out you don’t need to buy half the stuff you use on your clothes.

Today, we’re gonna learn things about doing your laundry the smart way.

Laundry DetergentBrand Name Laundry Detergent vs. DIY Laundry Detergent

Why you’re doing it wrong: Laundry detergents can be made at home. Thus, if you have a skin irritation, chances are that some of these “brand name laundry detergents” may trigger it.

What to do instead:  Do the DIY way! Knowing what your detergent is made of boosts your confidence on washing your clothes. Here’s an example of how to do a DIY Laundry Detergent.

Cleaning setExpensive Stain Removers vs. DIY Fixes

Why you’re doing it wrong: Stuff on commercial stain removers has additional chemicals that may not be necessary in washing your clothes. You better think again when buying expensive stain removers.

What to do instead: A natural method will do the trick. Hand sanitizers, hairspray works on inks stains or lemon juice and ammonia on armpit stains. Whatever the stain problem is, there’s a natural solution.

Washing Items After One Use vs. Making Them Last

Why you’re doing it wrong: Some people think that if they get their new clothes stains and other stuff, they would just throw it away in the laundry basket for washing. The thing is, you can always rely on some natural solutions to keep your clothes fresh so you can wear them the next day.

What to do instead: Simple stain removers are always found on the kitchen. When you’re at a party and you got stained with wine or something, you can always go to the kitchen and look for simple solutions to keep your clothes clean and fresh. You’ll never resort to a “laundry day” outfit again.


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