How To Clean A Washing Machine

To clean your washing machine you’ll basically run it on empty on a hot wash, adding one of the above-mentioned ingredients. Bleach works well to sanitize as well as removing stain-causing rust. A cup of vinegar (mixed 3:1 with water) or a cup or two of pure lemon/lime juice will work to sanitise the washing machine tub and eradicate […]

Got A Stuck Washer Door?

A stuck washer door is often a problem most commonly found in front loaders. Since top loaders don’t need to lock their doors to keep the water inside. Front loading washing machines, however, need to stay tightly locked and sealed during operation, unless liters of (potentially very hot) water spill out across your laundry like a […]

Washer Woes

Washing your clothes in cold water is great if you have cold-water detergent, but regular detergent is designed to work best with warm or hot water. If the water temperature of your washing machine is not properly regulated your clothes may not be getting as clean as they should. Understanding how your washing machine regulates […]

How To Clean A Wine Stain

Red wine spills can be a disaster whether they occur in your home or onboard your $43 million executive jet as members of our corporate flight attendant web community are quick to point out. Taking care of a spill is another thing, but we have discovered two “tried and true” solutions to the problem. Please […]

Cutting Costs with Cold Water

Did you know that washing with hot water clearly doesn’t save you money? If you’re constantly doing this, now is the time to stop if you want to start spending on the right things. This article was originally written by Trent Hamm for If you wash on hot and rinse on warm, you’re going […]

How The Pros Do Laundry

Many people have hired help to assist them with daily chores like laundry, many don’t have this privilege. These are usually the ones who are faced with mountains of laundry after a week or two either because they don’t have the energy to get down to doing it or they simply don’t know how to […]

How To Get Laundry Done Faster

How To Get Laundry Done Faster Fresher Towels Keep your bath towels fluffy and absorbent, you can substitute your fabric conditioner and use a cupful of white vinegar into the wash instead. It also gets rid of musty smells not only on towels but on other fabrics as well. Color-coded baskets A mountain of laundry […]

Don’t Forget Your Washing Machine Settings

Doing your  laundry is actually one of those easy chores. At the click of a button, you just wait, sort, treat, and fold. Your  washing machine does most of the heavy lifting. However, take note not to do some shortcuts! These mistakes with your washer can waste time and energy, compromise cleaning, and damage your […]

How To Boost Detergent Power

If you want your laundry to come out cleaner and fresher, the secret just might be to cut down on detergent. The wrong kind of laundry soap or even using too much can make your clothes dull. Try adding in an eco-friendly household substance! This can boost your detergent’s cleaning power without affecting the environment. […]

How To Clean A Tie

How To Clean A Tie Did you ever get a blob of white sauce fall on smack in the middle of your black silk tie? Mustard parted ways with your hotdog to land on the most visible part of your favorite maroon tie? Of course white goes well with black and yellow with red, but […]